Errors & Omissions

What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

And why it’s important A professional is someone whose vocation or occupation requires special training and skill. Historically, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and medical professionals were the sole occupations that fell into this category as their industries established strict regulation requirements and codes of conduct. In order to practice in … Read more →

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Small business insurance

Small Business Technology Insurance

 Affordable solutions for small business owners Insurance for Techs understands the importance of proper coverage for your business. As a leading technology insurance company, we know that small businesses are experiencing an ever-increasing capacity for work. As a result, you also have a greater likelihood for technology errors and omissions … Read more →

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Fallout from Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud

Two huge reasons why crime insurance is needed Travelers Insurance put out an excellent bulletin that describes the financial threats posed by funds transfer fraud and computer fraud, and the need for specialized Crime Insurance Coverage.  The Travelers coverage version, wrap +, includes coverage for both electronic funds transfer and … Read more →

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Tech Professional Services Not Covered by General Liability

But exclusions can be overcome Tech companies and IT professionals need General Liability to provide coverage for negligence claims or lawsuits alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. Many General Liability policy forms have an exclusion which takes away coverage for a laundry list of professional services including legal, accounting, architectural, … Read more →

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