Tech Company Advertising Injury Coverage

Why it’s necessary The standard General Liability policy covers personal injury and advertising injury unless the insured is in the business of advertising, broadcasting, publishing, or telecasting. For this reason, there is no coverage for IT firms that are in the business of designing websites, determining content, providing content, or … Read more →

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Managing Cyber Risk

Cyber risk is not something that organizations can suppress or reduce to insignificance. Because companies now rely on IT and technologies such as computing and mobile devices and allow employees to work on their own devices,  incidents will happen and preparations for incident response are vital. The news, in this … Read more →

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Risks in Our Digital Information Economy

Defending digital assets against cybercrime Anyone with access to a computer, tablet or smart phone can buy goods online, pay electronically and request information from corporate networks. Business websites that don’t have proper management and security systems in place provide entryways to the valuable information they have amassed.  The data … Read more →

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Escalating threats from digital exposure

Vigilance required to combat ever-emerging risks Just last week news broke of the biggest collection of stolen digital information to date. As more and more industries and businesses become more information-based, the information value and ease with which it is transmitted creates new risks. Criminals apparently never lack for creative … Read more →

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