Technology Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance for Computer Technology Services and Products

As an IT professional you understand the ongoing dangers and business risks and liabilities associated with the services you Technology Insuranceprovide to your clients.

Did you know that if you only carry a General Liability insurance policy you may not be protected from the majority of technology-related risks such as:

  • Viruses, Trojans, worms
  • Damage to your client’s data and failure to protect it
  • Software performance issues
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Programming errors and omissions
  • Computer network security threats and breaches

Sometimes you can do everything right, but accidents can happen.  Sometimes things that are out of your control, like hard drive failure, put you in a position to explain to your client that the data backups they paid you for were not working properly and their critical data has been lost forever.  Even if this was not your fault you can still be held liable and asked to reimburse your client for fees and the damages that have impacted their IT business.

Who Needs Technology Insurance?

Software Programmers

Because of the known risks that business owners in any industry face, many computer and software programmers purchase a General Liability insurance plan to protect them against the most common ...

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Windows Specialists

With new versions of Windows and Microsoft Office being released every few years, as well as frequent software updates, security patches, and more, Microsoft Windows specialists are in high demand. These ...

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Insurance for Web Design Businesses & Website Developers

Having a General Liability policy in place is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure that your web design or development business has minimal exposure to risks ...

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Database Engineers

Database engineers typically value the protection that a General Liability insurance policy offers.  With the growing possibility of a lawsuit being filed against a small business, General Liability is one ...

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System Integrators

Most system integrators are well aware of all the risks involved in a business, and that one of the biggest risks is being sued. Having to pay a large claim can be ...

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Security Analysts

General Liability insurance for security analysts can be the difference between financial success and financial ruin. A single lawsuit can wipe out all the financial security they have worked to achieve when ...

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Network Administrators

Network administrators have a key role in the functioning of a company. They not only maintain each workstation’s ability to connect to the internet, email, printers, and servers, but they also ...

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Web Hosting Providers

Most web hosting providers know that having General Liability is a basic principle of business. If the hosting provider is housed in a larger data hosting facility, they are generally ...

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Application Developers

With the steadily increasing number of smart phones and tablets being used, applications are in high demand. It’s now more important than ever to make sure that the applications being ...

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Linux Specialists

Linux Professionals provide a highly specialized service. With unique IT-related risks, Linux Professionals need to deal with the potential threat of legal claims due to negligence while working. Whether you are an ...

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Web Programmers

As most web programmers know, General Liability insurance is a must for professionals who are responsible for creating or modifying scripts and code to be used online,  However, many programmers aren’t aware that even ...

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IT Consultants

As an IT Consultant professional you are required to wear many hats — You are the advisor, the business manager, the technician, and it is your responsibility to make sure ...

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Server Administrators

You may not realize how critical General Liability insurance critical it is to your business,or that it may not be adequate in and of itself to provide you with the ...

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Secure Data Hosting Service Providers

General Liability insurance is critical for any data hosting company. After all, if a fire, vandalism, theft, or another situation were to destroy your servers, your customers would lose valuable ...

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Computer Consultants

Insurance requirements particular to computer consultants As a computer consultant, you undoubtedly have heard of General Liability insurance.  You may even have a policy in place. But did you know that General Liability ...

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No matter what type of technology business you run, or if you are a self-employed computer technician, you need to have the proper coverage.  Having the proper insurance protection cannot only protect you from these types of risks, but it can also help you get more jobs.

  • Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  • Software and Computer Consultants
  • Software Developers and System integrators
  • Web Site Design and Development Companies

At Sadler Insurance For Techs, understand the dangers and threats to IT businesses and professionals. We specialize in insuring all types of tech customers with technology insurance coverage. From self-employed computer professionals and IT consultants working from home to technology companies wanting to protect their tech business. We can help you save by issuing you both Tech Professional Liability and General Liability insurance coverage.

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