10 Steps to a Safer Business

A cyber security guide

A security breach can happen to a business of any size, not just the big ones. In fact, 75% of data breaches arfinger_security_scannere targeted at small and medium sized businesses. The cost of a breach can be significant, and not just financially, but for your reputation as well. With an average cost of $214 per compromised customer record, it is no wonder that within half a year of being victimized by cybercrime, 60% of small businesses close. With the correct Cyber Liability Insurance and these 10-Steps to a Safer Business you and your company do not have to be a victim of a breach in security.

  1. Train your employees to avoid hazardous links and email attachments, and to use strong passwords. If your employees have trouble remembering passwords have employees use an online password vault. Exploitation of weak passwords are the cause of 76 percent of cyber attacks.
  2. Limit access to private data. Know where you store confidential information and limit its accessibility. Do not store important information in a word document on your computer. Make sure to password protect the document or files with a strong password.
  3. Keep tabs on your devices. Inventory and secure all employee devices, including thumb drives, smartphones, laptops and tablets. With new technology it is easier than ever for employees to work on the go, but it also means your company’s classified information is accessible from anywhere.Only 17percent of small and medium sized businesses attempt to secure their company data on personal devices.
  4. Protect your network. Virtual private networks (VPN) and firewalls work best to protect who accesses you network. When creating a VPN, keep in mind the importance of a strong password.
  5. Secure servers and unused devices. Locked doors limit access, so keep your servers and unused devices somewhere with keyed entry.
  6. Keep your facilities safe by managing all entry systems and limiting physical access. Never let a stranger wander your hallways. Have a receptionist receive visitors when they arrive and have video cameras installed around entrances and exits to record visitors coming and going.
  7. Ensure safe browsing and protect your website. Trustmarks are a great way to reassure your customers of safe browsing. You can also protect your employees by investing in a strong, anti-malware software. Seventy-three percent of small business owners say that having safe and trusted internet access is essential to their continued success.
  8. Create a clearly written cyber security policy that is accessible by all employees and contains a section dedicated to the use and disposal of confidential information and devices. It should also include an action plan in case your company becomes a victim of cyber theft.
  9. Properly dispose of outdated and/or non-functioning devices and documents. Physically shred old paper documents and use digital shredding for data stored on discarded devices.
  10. Screen your employees thoroughly. Background and reference checks might seem like standard operating procedure, but without due diligence there is always the potential for someone to slip through the cracks.

All of these steps are important for protecting your company from a security breach. It is also imperative to purchase the correct Cyber Liability Insurance. Cyber Liability Insurance is made to help your business recover from a cyber-security breach. Sadler Insurance for Techs specializes in protecting your business from devastating cyber risk and property losses with our affordable CyberLliability insurance program.

Source: 10 Step Security Checklist

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