Escalating threats from digital exposure

Vigilance required to combat ever-emerging risks News broke of what is currently the biggest collection of stolen digital information to date. As more and more industries and businesses become more information-based, the information value and ease with which it is transmitted creates new risks. Criminals apparently never lack for creative … Read more →

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Data Breaches Growing Rapidly

Tech Companies Uninsured Over the past several years, there have been over 225 million reported consumer data breaches. This year alone, there have been more than 30 million reported security breaches of consumer data. No one knows the actual numbers since it is suspected that most security breaches are unreported. Most tech firms and … Read more →

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Keeping your trade secrets a secret

Protecting your information and preventing leaks If your company’s unique formula, recipe, or manufacturing process sets you apart from everyone else on the market, you have a trade secret. Unfortunately, secrets are hard to keep. We’re not talking intellectual property protected by patents and copyrights. Trade secrets are technical information … Read more →

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