Bing Makes a Name for Itself

 Bing seeks to increase its audience.

When it comes to search engines, Google is the indisputable champ. With a whopping 66.7 percent of all core searches, it would seem that everyone else is just playing for Bing ranks secondsecond. Or are they?

It may surprise you that Bing is currently ranked second, totaling 17.4 percent of core searches.  That number is up from 15.4 percent a year ago. Yahoo, meanwhile, has seen a steady decline in the same period of time.

You may be wondering how Microsoft managed to steal two percent of Yahoo’s audience. The answer is multifaceted. While some of Yahoo’s attrition can be attributed to Bing’s ease of access and quality search results, two of the biggest reasons for the surge are  the integration of Bing into the Windows 8.1 desktop search and its use as the web search tool of choice for the Apple iPhone’s virtual assistant, Siri.

Siri Bings it on

Apple executives weren’t always set on bringing Bing into Siri, nor are they ready to anoint Bing as the next big thing in search engine technology. Google is still the default search engine for the Safari browser. Having been burned by the 2012 Apple Maps fiasco, Apple has been trying a different approach with regard to the easing in of new software and data applications. Siri, in fact, features no branding.  While this is a process that will not drastically alter core search habits overnight, it has created valuable inroads for Microsoft in an environment that does not just pull users away from Yahoo.

Windows 8.1 powered by Bing

A potentially bigger deal for Bing is the integration of the search engine into the Windows 8.1 module. The desktop search tool was previously capable of only presenting the user with local apps and files. Now the results found on your hard drive are combined with all variety of web-based files.  This system was developed so that over time a dynamic ranking can be applied to your search results in accordance to the prior number of clicks.

Learning what’s relevant through clicks and queries is important in strengthening the Bing platform. With the Microsoft and Apple deals increasing its exposure, Bing is poised to climb the search engine rankings.

Source – I Bing, you Bing? Time to take the No. 2 search engine seriously

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