Most Common Sources of Tech Lawsuits

IT ProfessionalIT professionals such as computer consultants, web designers, programmers, system integrators, etc. face lawsuit risks from their clients and users of their client’s services. The most common sources of tech lawsuits and corresponding insurance policies are outlined below:

  1. Bodily Injury And Property Damage Liability (General Liability)
  2. Personal Injury And Advertising Injury Liability (General Liability or Errors & Omissions Liability)
  3. Negligent Acts, Errors, Omissions In Performance Of Professional Services Resulting In Economic Damages (Errors & Omissions Liability)
  4. Intellectual Property Infringements such as copyright, trademark, etc. (Media Liability)
  5. Breach Of Security (Unauthorized Access, Computer Virus, Denial Of Service)
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Categories: Errors & Ommissions, General Liability, Professional Liability

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