Social Media Risks To Businesses

Tips for overcoming social media marketing risks

More businesses than not are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media sites for marketing purposes. social media marketingDoing so involves risks that are often not taken into account.

Below are examples of a few threats that can be overlooked:

  1. Friends Lists  Social media can be helpful in making contact with customers, finding jobs, corresponding with potential clients, etc. But dangers lurk when everyone in your friends list has access to your comments. Ranting and raving about your boss and forgetting that he/she is listed as your friend or is connected to one of your online friends can lead to obvious problems.
  2. Internet Usage Policy  Many companies are publish blogs and use social media to their advantage. However, this can also become a liability risk. It is vital that policies are in place for how and when employees can use the Internet and that personal data is secured.
  3. Open Doors  Employee using social media sites while on the job expose the organization to phishing, spam, and malware attacks. A quarter of all businesses have been negatively affected by social media use in the workplace.
  4. Appropriate Safety Measures  Lawsuits are beginning to target the social media companies for privacy issues along with user-generated content. For example, several classmates set up a private group on Facebook. Facebook was named in a lawsuit for allegedly defamatory content contained in the private group’s comments.
  5. Ignorance is Loss  An even bigger danger is to ignore social media. In doing so, companies miss opportunities to stay in touch with their markets and clients and build customer relationships. Just be wise and minimize your social media risks.

Source: Patricia Vonwinkle   Risk and Insurance

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