Media/Professional Insurance announces enhanced CyberLiability Plus™ policy form

Coverage now includes insured’s unintentional and unauthorized tampering and intentional actions by rogue employees

August 1, 2005—Kansas City, MO Media/Professional Insurance announced today the release of CyberLiability Plus™, an enhanced policy form that addresses the rapidly evolving risks and exposures of organizations that are dependent on the Internet for all or part of their business.

Media/Professional Insurance’s original CyberLiability Plus™ policy form was introduced in 1999 and was one of the first of its kind to provide coverage for services provided and content created by firms that are web-based, doing business on the Internet or using other technologies.

Now, Media/Professional, in partnership with the AXIS U.S. Insurance companies, has refined, improved and expanded the coverage provided by this premier product to include significant enhancements, including:

  • Expanded coverage for claims resulting from the insured’s unintentional and unauthorized tampering with or introduction of malicious code into data or systems.
  • Expanded coverage for claims resulting from the intentional wrongful conduct of “rogue” employees.
  • Defense provided for allegations of criminal, fraudulent, malicious or intentionally wrongful conduct.
  • Coverage for claims made by entities that own an interest in the insured (such as minority shareholders) but who are not a parent, affiliate, subsidiary, joint venturer, co-venturer or partner of the insured.

“As companies’ reliance on technology continues to increase, their exposures become more varied and complex,” said Mary Schust, Media/Professional’s Chief Underwriting Officer. “Our new CyberLiability Plus™ product addresses the issues brokers and insureds have told us are the most critical—and are not covered by their General Liability or Errors and Omissions policies.”

This enhanced form now covers what has become an increasingly large gap between traditional insurance coverage and the risks associated with providing technology services or even simply maintaining a company website.

“The security measures a company takes to protect its own and its clients’ data and systems, while very important, can never be perfect,” said Michael Born, Vice President of Claims for Media/Professional. “No amount of security can prevent unauthorized access by a company’s own ‘rogue’ employee, nor can it always prevent the accidental introduction of a virus or other loss of data. Our policy is now designed to protect the insured for claims arising out of these unavoidable risks.”

Of course, the policy continues to provide coverage for the content of the insured’s website or other electronically published materials, an exposure typically excluded by other insurance.

Media/Professional Insurance, a recognized technology and cyber liability insurance leader, is convinced that this enhanced version of its industry leading policy form will keep M/PI at the forefront of the market.

For additional information please contact Roxanne Westfall, Vice President of Underwriting, or one of our Cyber/IT underwriters at (816) 471-6118. You can also visit for downloads of policies and applications.

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