Crime Insurance (Fidelity Bond)

Protect your tech company and assets with comprehensive crime insurance.

Tech Crime Insurance Crime Insurance for a tech company consists of many different coverage parts such as Employee Dishonesty, Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud, Computer Fraud, Forgery & Alteration, Money & Securities, and Third-party Fidelity.

  • Employee Dishonesty covers embezzlement of your funds or theft of your property by your employees.
  • Forgery & Alteration covers stolen and forged checks or when the amount on your check is raised to a higher amount.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud provides coverage for financial loss if a hacker gains access to the computer of a financial institution, accessing an online account, and circumventing normal online authentication controls to effect a fraudulent wire transfer.
  • Computer Fraud provides coverage for financial loss if a hacker gains access to the computer of a business and effects a fraudulent transaction.
  • Money & Securities covers theft of your money and securities by an outsider.
  • Third-party Fidelity is of special importance to tech companies whose employees work at the premises of others. This would reimburse a client under some circumstances if it can be proven that your employee fraudulently transferred funds or stole money, securities, or other property from such client. Many customers require this coverage as a condition of doing business with a tech company.

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