An Internet Company’s Insurance Needs

The protection Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions Liability) insurance provides

Internet companies that provide website design, hosting and other services need Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Liability,. This coverage protects against the growing number of lawsuits that are arising out of alleged failures of their technology products and services. Internet Liability insurance, which is yet another name for Professional Liability insurance, is a safeguard to protect Internet business owners.

The number of Internet companies providing website design and hosting services has increased exponentially in the past few years, making Internet liability insurance an increasingly important coverage to have. Due to the unique exposures of these Internet companies, a good Professional Liability insurance program should provide specialized coverage for intellectual property violations such as copyright and trademark infringement in addition to computer virus attacks. These risks must be taken into account by website designers and hosting companies when they select their Professional Liability insurance carrier.

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