Super Stretch Technology and Software Service Providers Summary


Information Technology LiabilitiesThis is a summary of the Coverages and the Limits of Insurance provided by the Super Stretch Coverage form SS 40 61 which is included in this policy. No coverage is provided by this summary. Refer to coverage form SS 40 61 to determine the scope of your insurance protection.

Blanket Coverage Limit : $250,000
Blanket Coverages
Accounts Receivable
Computers and Media Debris Removal
Personal Property of Others
Temperature Change
Valuable Papers and Records

Coverage Limit

Airline Tickets ­Theft Supplement $ 2,000
Back Up of Sewer or Drain Water Damage Included
Brands and Labels Included
Claim Expenses $ 10,000
Computer Fraud $ 5,000
Contract Penalty $ 2,500
Contractors Equipment ($500 limit per item) $ 10,000 aggregate
Contractors Tools ($500 limit per item) $ 1,000 aggregate
Employee Dishonesty (including ERISA) $ 25,000
Fine Arts $ 25,000
Forgery $ 25,000
Installations $ 10,000
Laptop Computers – World­-wide Coverage $ 10,000
Newly Acquired or Constructed Property
Business Personal Property
$ 500,000
Off­-Premises Utility Services – Direct Damage $ 25,000
Outdoor Property ( $1,000 limit per item) $ 25,000 aggregate
Outdoor Signs Included
Pairs or Sets Included
Personal Effects $ 35,000
Precious Metal Theft Payments Change $ 25,000
Property at Other Premises $ 25,000
Property Off­-Premises $ 50,000
Salespersons’ Samples $ 25,000
Tenant Building Coverage ­Required By Lease $ 20,000
Theft of Molds at Business Personal Property Limit Included
Transit Property in the Care of Carriers for Hire $ 25,000
Valuable Papers and Records­ Prototype Designs $ 25,000
Valuation Changes Included

The following changes apply only if Business Income and Extra Expense are covered under this policy.

Business Income at Newly Acquired Premises $ 500,000
Business Income Extension for Of-f­Premises Utility Services $ 50,000
Business Income Extension for Web Sites $ 50,000/7 days
Business Income from Dependent Properties $ 50,000
Expediting Expenses $ 25,000
Extended Business Income 90 Days
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