Top Reasons to Write High Tech with The Hartford

SPECTRUM for Technology Business

  • Direct access for Hartford Agents to top professional technology liability products, no need to go through an MGA or Wholesaler.
  • Admitted coverage for Tech E&O on our FailSafe MEGA coverage part to SPECTRUM in all but 5 states; admitted coverage even in NYS.
  • As part of SPECTRUM, receive the benefits of one policy/one bill including payment installments on the FailSafe MEGA Tech E&O.
  • Tech E&O designed to meet the financial needs of small tech businesses – even self employed consultants – retentions as low as $2500; minimum premiums as low as $800 for $1M limit (depending on type of operations).
  • All FailSafe™ Technology Professional Liability products available to Select Customer accounts that require higher limits or additional coverages. This includes our robust monoline technology professional liability policy providing breach of warranty, third party security risk, intellectual property and privacy coverages in one policy – eliminates multiple retentions applying to a claim, differing terms & conditions and different limits.
  • Professional Services Exclusion amended to provide bodily injury, property damage and personal & advertising injury coverage arising out of technology services for the majority of risks– low cost, automatically generated, opt out optional coverage.
  • Policyholder Services for tech business – including Tech E&O written on FailSafe MEGA as a part of SPECTRUM.
  • FailSafe MEGA can be submitted via ICON along with your SPECTRUM, Auto, Workers’ Compensation and Umbrella.
  • Premium indications for FailSafe MEGA Tech E&O can be obtained in ICON – even in Quick Quote.
  • FailSafe MEGA commissions higher than market average – 15%.
  • All FailSafe™ products included in Tier III and Preferred Hartford Commercial Lines IBA (for growth, not profit) increases agent revenue.
  • Actual Loss Sustained Business Income for Tech businesses written on SPECTRUM.
  • Computers & Media coverage including virus damage with no sublimit (12 hour waiting period applies to Business Income losses arising out of damage to data/software/programming due to virus).

* This is an informational tool only. In the event of a conflict, terms and conditions of the policy or quotation prevail.

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