Web Site 101: How To Know If Your Web Site Exposes You To Claims

How to know if your website exposes you to claims

Be aware that websites containing a chat room, bulletin board or any other type of interactive exchange that can be viewed by others exposes you to a greater risk of litigation.  Libel as a liability risks can be reduced by exercising editorial control and performing edits before content is posted.

If you subcontract control over your chat room, bulletin board or other interactive exchange, you should transfer all liabilities to your subcontractor via written contract.

Be aware that websites containing the following types of content can expose you to a greater-than-average risk of litigation:

  • Children’s interest
  • Entertainment/games
  • Law/legal
  • Cultural arts
  • Insurance
  • Software for downloading
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Religious
  • Commentary/editorial
  • Sports
  • Adult
  • News
  • Instructional
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